About Us

7020 Design Studio, an interdisciplinary design firm based in Istanbul, offers comprehensive services in residential and commercial projects, specializing in interior design, architecture, and landscape design. At our design studio, we believe that exceptional design should meet the unique needs of each individual customer. Our approach is centered around collaboration and careful consideration of our clients' preferences, resulting in spaces that are both sophisticated and functional.

What We Offer?

Our portfolio includes a range of projects, including residential homes, villas, gardens, hotels, offices, and corporate spaces. Our worldwide portfolio includes residential and commercial projects, such as homes, villas, gardens, hotels, offices, and corporate spaces.

At 7020 Design Studio, we believe that the philosophy behind every project should remain consistent, regardless of the project's scope or scale. We pay meticulous attention to every detail, always striving to find the perfect balance between aesthetics and function.

Our team begins every project from scratch, offering architectural and application consultancy throughout the entire process. This approach allows us to create a truly personalized experience for our clients, resulting in a refined and luxurious finished product.